Friday Dish: New Places

As usual, this week has been busy. I managed to get two books available on the Nook, and I am trying to get the second book in the Men of Action series, The Geneva Project, ready for upload there as well. Mostly, I am working on book eight in the Men of Action series and now book four in the Shadow Hills series. It’s a lot of work, with a lot of edits because I’m also still editing book seven in the Men of Action series and book three in the Shadow Hills series.

So where are we at for upcoming releases? The first release for 2012 is January Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero. I’m excited to kick off this new series. When I say it’s different, I mean it’s different. When it’s available you’ll be able to read the sample that Amazon Kindle has available, so be sure to read my Dear Reader section and you’ll have an idea of the flow for the series. Clearly I am very much excited about this one and I will give you all a look inside the Shadow Hills series this Sunday.

After January, comes February…you knew that already…but I’ll have two releases that month. There will be book two in the Shadow Hills series, which I’ll tell you more about as we get closer to the release. There will also be book seven in the Men of Action series. I will admit I really like my female character. She’s amazing. So I’ll tell you all a little more about that book as we get closer to the release as well.

The new releases will be available on Kindle first. I really don’t want to upload them for the Nook until after I have all the old releases there first. It’s taking longer than I anticipated and that’s mostly due to the fact that I have a schedule of writing that I need to keep up with. The Shadow Hills series is a book a month, so I’m trying to make sure I have each book written, edited and prepped for release on time. I’m doing pretty well with that goal actually, so I should stay on schedule…I hope.

I guess that’s it. There’s nothing else really going on, so more Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend everybody.


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