Fly on the Wall Sunday: A Body Goes Missing

Secrets and Lies part of the Men of Action series.

After discovering her mother’s body on one of her construction sites, Thena Davis enlists the help of private investigator, Thomas McGregor. Thomas has every reason to turn down the case, but the perplexing mystery, accompanied by the beautiful woman in front of him, has him saying yes to her request to help her find answers. When he learns of the attempt on her life he takes it upon himself to protect her, even if she doesn’t want him to. Can Thomas battle his own demons while helping Thena solve a mystery from the past? Or will secrets and lies cost both of them their life?


Secrets and Lies, book five in the Men of Action Series



Digging for answers always had a way of yielding results. Unfortunately the answers Thomas received weren’t always the truth.

“So where’s the body, Dustin? Did it just get up and walk away?”

Dustin slammed his fist down on the cold slab in front of him. “That’s what I’d like to know. I put the body back in there. I went to lunch; I came back and she was gone. I mean gone! If I hadn’t checked I wouldn’t have even known.”

“This is going to nearly kill Thena,” he mumbled. He couldn’t imagine being the one to tell her the body was gone. She had just found her mother and now she was missing again.


Thomas and Thena are going to find out that some people prefer a twenty year old murder case to remain a mystery. Can Thomas put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to save Thena’s life? Find out in Secrets and Lies available now on Lulu and Amazon.


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