I’m Waiting

How slowly a week passes when I’m waiting for something. I have film for both the 35 and the medium format cameras and I’m ready to use it. Here’s the thing…I want to do some pictures of the dresses I made and I don’t want to use the dress form. Nothing against her (yes, I know she’s not really a she, but she’s shaped like one so I’ll attribute human characteristics to her…um, it…whatever). Anyway, she’s not shaped exactly like me so I want pictures to send my dad that actually shows what my dresses looks like on me. He always asks me if anything I have made is wearable and I’d love to show him my designs. Plus, he hasn’t seen me in a little while and with my birthday just around the corner I thought I could send updated photos. I don’t think I’ll get back to where he’s at until late spring so this is a multi-purpose shooting day (shooting photos that is).

This place is smaller. I can’t set up the backdrop even if I wanted to, and I really don’t have a lot of options for where to shoot, but I’m determined to make it work. Part of my reason for waiting is that I wanted to do something with my hair first. What are the odds I’ll put it in a ponytail? Fairly high actually, but I’m thinking I should do something else so maybe I’ll have an idea of what that something else is before I set up to shoot. The other part of my reason for waiting is that I wanted to do it on/after my birthday…hmmm…I’m usually good at waiting, but not always and right now I really want to pull out the photo equipment and have at it…get it all out the way and see how the photos turn out and which ones I should send my dad…but then I remember that my hair is a mess; I don’t feel like putting on makeup (or going in search of my makeup bag for that matter…I think it’s in the closet somewhere) and I can’t crop out my face because I can’t send my dad headless photos of me…that defeats the purpose of sending him updated pictures. On some level, I’d rather go down to the beach and get some great nature shots than take pictures of me…

Oh well, today I am knitting, writing, and if I can pick up my tracing paper I’m going to trace out the corset pattern, cut it and then pin it to the fabric…not to mention there’s cello practice that I missed yesterday so I have to do today’s plus yesterday’s work load. Yep…I’m busy. Being busy actually helps with the waiting aspect because if I weren’t so busy I would probably grab my camera, drive to the beach and spend the day shooting sunrise to sunset. Okay, now I’m tempted…



  1. Hi Capri. This is Shy Lavender, real name Velletta. You are busy as always. I was about to suggest that you design dresses professionally but you’re much too busy for that. I’m up enjoying my day with my parents. They are visiting from Arizona to help me pack and move. I’m moving to DC to complete my degree at Howard University. That has kept me so busy that I haven’t been able to do any of the things that I enjoy. Once I get there and get settled I will finally learn to knit. The most amazing thing about life is having goals and the ability to complete them. I enjoy tuning into your busy world. I would also be very tempted to take pictures on the beach. Have fun if you do.

  2. Velletta…I like your name. I might use it for one of the ladies in one of my future books.

    That is so nice of your parents to come help you pack. I have moved from one end of this country to another and then back again so I know what packing and moving is all about. Try not to overdo things or you might get sick. Knitting should relax you…well, most times anyway.

    As for me doing the dress design thing professionally…yikes! No…my mom would be better suited for that. I’m still learning. I had dreams of opening a boutique for my knitted products but I seem to want to keep or give away everything I make…At the rate I’m going I’ll never have enough products for an actual store.

    Best wishes on your educational goals.

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