It’s Sunday again. How quickly time goes by. Currently, Sundays on this blog are Fly on the Wall Sundays, but I’m thinking of making a few changes. I’m always thinking about changes so it’s no real surprise that I’m thinking of making changes to the blog as well. However, for this Sunday we’re taking a look at Fahrenheit. Eve really shouldn’t be surprised her brother’s showed up. They have always had a protective streak when it comes to family and that streak is amplified when it comes to their baby sister.

Fahrenheit Cover
Part of the Men of Action Series. This book is Coming December 2011



Eve McGregor is feeling the heat as she works as a photojournalist covering several arson related fires in Palm Coast, Florida. When she meets a sexy fireman intent on turning up another kind of heat can she allow him to conquer her heart without getting burned by the fire?




“Enough,” she snapped. “Not everything is some big government conspiracy.” She tried to bring her temper under control. She knew how important catching Sabian was to Thomas. She understood that he had lost friends to Sabian’s betrayal. She had nearly lost Thomas. She wanted this guy to pay for what he’d done. She just didn’t want to risk losing Thomas to get that justice. Beyond that, not everything was about Sabian. Thomas couldn’t go around blaming the man for everything bad in their life. She just needed to make sure she said those words without hurting him.

“This was a Florida grown nutcase, Thomas. Seriously, it’s all over the news. The cops think it’s the same guy that’s been setting all the wildfires.” There were over three hundred fires burning in Florida, fifty alone in Volusia and Flagler County, and while some of those fires were lightening strike induced, others were manmade. The lit cigarette thrown out of the window was a key factor in a few—especially the one that shut down interstate ninety-five for half the day. There were about ten fires—big ones, had been arson. They, the investigators, believed it was the work of one man. She knew a few details because she was the photojournalist covering the story with Mitch, their lead reporter.

“So you see,” she patted his arm. “There’s no need for you to be here.” It wasn’t that she didn’t love her brothers. She did love them, but they had to go live their lives and they needed to realize that she had to do the same.

“Are they sure?” Gavin folded his arms across his chest. “Arson to bomb making is a big leap, Eve.”

Fahrenheit part of the Men of Action Series on Amazon Kindle and as a PDF and print copy on Lulu.


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