Friday Dish: December Love

It’s December! Of course you already knew that, but I’m rather excited about it. I like December. Actually I like just about every month, but December and I are bonded forever. My birthday is coming up and while I haven’t been able to find a thing to do for it, I’m still excited that, God willing, I’ll be completing another year of life and starting another one.

This month is not just my birthday, but there was also the release of Fahrenheit. Okay so it actually came out a day earlier, which put the release in November, but it’s still new (relatively) for December too. I like this book. I did something a little different in the series, but not different from some of my previous writings, and I really like it. I like Eve McGregor. Of course I’m falling in love with the entire family. There’s one more McGregor that I know for sure is getting a story and we meet her, though briefly, in Secrets and Lies. She resurfaces a little in Fahrenheit and then she gets her own story later next year. Anybody who has been reading the series knows there’s something Thomas McGregor needs to do. There’s somebody he needs to bring to justice and he’s not willing to rest until he does. So, I’m not leaving you all hanging and we’ll actually see more of that story next year as well. I’ve already started writing that story and I’m anticipating April for the release. So for those of you who fell in love with Thomas, you’ll definitely see him again. In fact, he’s in Fahrenheit a little as well.

Fahrenheit Cover   
Part of the Men of Action Series. This book is Coming December 2011

So if you haven’t had a chance to fall in love with the McGregor family yet, what are you waiting for? You can find the McGregor siblings in the Men of Action series. Thomas and Gavin surface in The Geneva Project and progressively from there. Everybody seems to be falling in love with Thomas. I’m a little in love with him myself, and I’m having so much fun seeing where his character goes in this series. For those of you who are reading the books and/or one of my many blogs, thanks. I appreciate your support.


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