When Did You Fall

When did you fall in love and how did you know when you did? Yes, that’s a serious question and if you’re in love, or ever have been, feel free to answer.

When I was in college I decided as one of my electives to take ASL. I figure deaf people are the only people in this country who don’t have a choice in the language they speak and I wanted so desperately to be able to help make communication at least a little easier for them. Well…my heart was in the right place even if I didn’t get to the point that I wanted with ASL.

Anyway, I remember at the end of my first semester we had to sign a song. I must have changed songs ten times trying to find one I knew the signs for most of the words. Eventually I picked one that I had to learn most of the words for (go figure). I was so nervous to start, but even more nervous because one of the ladies in my class brought in her deaf friends. There’s a difference in signing for a class of ASL I students and signing for people who actually know when you mess up big time. So take nervous and amplify it by one hundred and you have how I felt. I knew the words. I practiced the song for weeks. I took my CD with me, the music was playing and instead of signing how I had practiced for weeks, I kept my eyes glued to the paper with the written words. I just couldn’t look at everybody. Fortunately we all got an A for the project just for doing it. The professor really just wanted us to do it; to put in the effort to do our final project and so there wasn’t a need for serious perfection in facial expressions. She gave me one of the best compliments (at least I think it was a compliment) when I finished. She said I sign “daintily”. Dainty…that’s a compliment right?

Anyway, what does an ASL I project have to do with falling in love? The song I signed was Anastacia’s I Dreamed You. Have you heard it? She says, “Like the stars need the sky, and the river needs it’s rain. Like an eagle needs its wings, and a fire needs its flame. Like the sun needs the day, and the night needs the moon, like the air that I breathe that’s how I dreamed of you.”

I couldn’t imagine any of those things without the other. Have you ever been so in love that while you know you could live without the other person, you just seriously want them in your life…maybe even need them in your life? Did you feel that while your world was complete before them, it just feels perfect with them?

I think romantic movies and books paint a somewhat idealistic outlook of finding love, but on some level there’s a hint of truth mixed in with all the dreaming. Just like the characters in the book or movie when you find love you realize it’s worth holding on to and that you have to work to keep that love. It’s not about instantly finding somebody who you never argue with, never disagree with, never feel a twinge of frustration with. Seriously, it’s a relationship and like any other relationship there’s bound to be some friction (no pun intended).

Have you ever fallen in love? Do you want to fall in love? Or do you even believe in being in love?



  1. Hey, to answer your question, I met my husband for the first time at a coffee shop. On our first date he brought his 4 year old son with him, Yet despite my fear of children, we had a fantastic conversation. When I first saw him, I felt something, some sort of connection, whether sexual or emotional I didn’t know what at the time, but I left that night, really impressed that a guy could carry a conversation and make it a date even with a child present.
    I knew I fell in love with him when after dating for half a year, half way through a fight and I blurted out “I love you” haha. from then on, we got through a lot together and after four years he asked me to marry him and by then we just kinda knew we wanted each other in our lives for the long term.

  2. I fell in love with a man 800 miles away. We meet New Years Eve and were head over hills in love by Valentine’s day. The most amazing part of our story is that we fell in love through text messaging and talking on the phone. We talked for hours everyday and we truly learned each others souls. He became my comfort and my joy. We traveled back and forth for months. Eventually the distance took its toll and we ended our relationship. We still love each other. When I feel sad or lonely he is the only person who can sooth my sadness. He is the only missing part of my heart.

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