Fly on the Wall Sunday: MOA Series

I’m so excited because Fahrenheit, book six in the Men of Action series is just a few days away from being available on Amazon Kindle and in my Lulu storefront. In Fahrenheit we’re meeting Eve McGregor, the youngest of the McGregor siblings. She’s smart, independent and tough. She’s a photojournalist whose career is on the rise. Will an arsonist, a traitor and a sexy fire fighter be the demise to her sweet success? Find out in Fahrenheit, coming December 1, 2011. But for now, take a look back at another book in the series, Saints and Sinners. If you haven’t had a chance to read books one through five in the MOA series, now is the perfect time to start.


Book Four in the Men of Action Series



He was at ease with his weapon, as if it were an extension of his body, of the man himself. Pulling the trigger would probably be as easy for him as breathing was.

Her heartbeat pulsed wildly with fear. If Javier didn’t kill her this man surely would, and for what? A few government secrets couldn’t have been worth her life. Her mother, Elizabeth James, director of the CIA, was always wreaking havoc on her life. Even moving to the farthest corners of the States hadn’t kept Alaina safe. What was it this time? She could have guessed they wanted the release of some prisoner the CIA had in holding somewhere. Or maybe they wanted information on some joint security effort. It had to include the military or else they wouldn’t have sent a Navy SEAL in to get her. Whatever the secrets were she was sure they were going to get her killed, just as they had gotten her father killed.

Great, thirty years of life and it all came down to this, this moment where the only thing flashing before her eyes was darkness…

Read more in Saints and Sinners, available now on Amazon Kindle and Lulu.


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