Now What?

Okay, so I haven’t taken pictures with my camera yet, but I did use my mom’s video camera to get a couple pictures. With hopes, I’ll have some better angles to show you all in the future.

Here is the front of the completed dress: Clearly that is not me in the picture ;). I like the top part of the dress for the design and I do like the way the dress fits my body, which is different than how it is fitting the dress form. You can see the back of the dress has the train: I like the embroidery. As some of you know I had a major disaster on the last butterfly and ended up having to re-cut the back pieces and start over. I don’t think walking around with the embroidery hoop attached to my dress would have been a good thing.

I like the train, but I do wish I had taken the butterflies up a little higher. I was just so afraid I’d have a repeat of the first time that I opted not to push my luck and add a couple more, besides, a little is better than too much:

So now what? Well, I just finished a knitted scarf for my mother. I didn’t have a pattern for this, but in correcting a mistake I opted to do something different and I came up with this circular scarf: And I’m currently working on a dress with material that I so will not want to purchase again. It’s pretty, but it stretches so keeping it straight while sewing is a chore. The top (below the scarf) is not completed yet, but I did get it started so eventually (today I hope) I will get at least ten more steps into this thing.

I like what the dress is meant to look like once I finish so if this dress turns out the way it should I probably will be happy enough with it not to rush to make another one. If this dress doesn’t turn out the way it should, then I’ll have to try again with different fabric. But, I really want to get started on the corset, the bikini, and I want to do a coat…okay, the coat is probably a late next year thing. I do have another knitted project to attend to as well and outside of that I’m writing books in the series. I’m starting book three in the Shadow Hills series today (you all haven’t seen one or two yet because that series doesn’t start until January). And I need to do some more work on edits for book seven in the Men of Action series, and more writing for book eight. Wow…I should probably go get started with today’s to-do list.

Enjoy the week everybody, and stay safe.


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