Friday Dish: A Week in Review

I kept seeing all these Black Friday ads and I kept thinking, ‘They’re starting early this year; aren’t they?’ Then I realized, Thanksgiving is next week. This month seemed to go by so fast. It doesn’t feel like it’s almost December, but it is. Wow, how quickly time goes by when you’re busy.


This week, after realizing we’re closer to December than I thought, I attacked the last round of edits for the December novel release. It has already been edited a lot, not just on my end, but with my editor as well, but I always seem to find an error after the release so I am trying to read through again and see if I missed anything. After this round I’m just going to have to walk away from edits on Fahrenheit, book six in the Capri Montgomery Men of Action series, because it’s due out in December. I was thinking I might release it on my birthday…but I could release it on the first as well. Then I can spend my birthday getting ready for January’s release. The new series kicks off in January and I so hope you all like it. I love the idea, the characters, and the method to my writing on this one, but I realize some people might not. So, while I hope you’ll love the Shadow Hills series, I do understand that some of you might not. Please be sure to read the sample when it’s available so you’ll know what the series is about before you buy it?


a violin with sheet music

Other than writing, editing, sewing…I’m still practicing cello. I thought I was doing so well. I was so happy with my progress and then I started King William’s March…yeah, that really sucked the first day and I had that, “wow, you suck,” cellist in training moment. But, yesterday it wasn’t that bad. I managed to get through the entire song…of course it needs work—a lot of work, but it’s much better than day one so I’ll take it.

I noticed something different with my cello playing this week and that’s mostly that I’m either out of shape from sporadic practice, or I did something to my bowing arm because it’s getting tired when it really hasn’t done that in a long time. I could be raising my elbow too high to start so I’ll have to take a look at the positioning I use during today’s practice. The only thing I know is that once my shoulder gets tired I drop my elbow and then I start hitting strings I didn’t mean to make sing while trying to play a completely different note.

I guess that’s the extent of my week, other than running errands for other people, I can’t say I have been super busy on anything other than the things I’ve shared with you. Oh…I almost forgot…I will take a picture of the finished black dress I told you all about. I’m just finishing up a shorter version of it as well so I’m trying to wait until I finish it before taking pictures. I’m working with film this time around (I love film) so once I shoot the entire roll I’ll process and share…actually it’s a roll of color film, not black and white, so I’ll have somebody else process so that I can share. Actually, this makes me want to get back in the darkroom, so maybe I’ll shoot a roll of black and white too…hmm…ooh, I know, maybe I’ll do it on my birthday next month. Okay, maybe not. For a full on shoot I’d need to go through the boxes and find my backdrop setup, take it out, and then repack it once I’m done with that day’s use…I don’t think I want to do all of that.

Anyway, that’s all for this week’s dish. More dish next week, same time, same place.


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