Friday Dish: Addicted to Music

Seriously I’m not that bad. So I love music…I wouldn’t exactly jump to saying I’m addicted to it. So what if I’m the type of person to see a commercial, forget the brand but remember the song for years. Or if I hate the movie but will watch it again just to hear the music. That so doesn’t mean I’m addicted. But I guess it is a little strange when you’re watching a commercial with somebody and the first words are, “that is awesome music. I wonder if they have cello sheet music for that.” I’d rather listen to music than watch television. That’s just crazy! As a child I loved watching TV. I dreamed of being an actress. But now, if you gave me a choice of music for life or TV for life, I’d pick music.

So what does that have to do with this week? Well, everything and nothing all at the same time (if that’s even possible). This week I have been writing. I’m finally finished with the first draft of Seducing the Bodyguard. That is book seven in the Men of Action series and it’s due out in February. Once I get the ending on this book I have loads of edits to do. I also need to work on book two in the Shadow Hills series that starts next year in January. So, I’m busy writing. In addition to that I have been sewing. I think I can have this dress finished by mid next week provided I work on it steadily. And of course, there’s music practice. I’m focusing on cello because I love cello. But I am planning to get back on focus with violin next year too.

Copyright 2010 SCMontgomery

Cello is going great. I mean really great. I’m so excited about my progress on the pieces I’m playing. My favorite right now is Duncombe’s Fanfare Minuet. Yes, it can be better, but really it’s not that bad so I’m happy with the progress. Next year I’m hoping to get into the conservatory, or at least find some instruction so I can stop learning solo here. I’ve gotten myself this far, and I’m proud of that. But I think an instructor might just be able to help me take things to a deeper level. Currently I can shift from first through fourth extended positions. I don’t play as much on the C-string so I need more practice reading the music for that. Below the ledger line gets difficult for me, while above the ledger line is a cinch.

Anyway, that’s it for me this Friday. I’m busy writing, sewing, knitting, making jewelry and falling deeper in love with music.

More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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