Learning to Darn

I am often talking about sewing and all the projects I’m working on so I thought I would show all of you my latest endeavor. The picture is not that perfect. I’ll take a better one once I can move the dress form into a better location, but for now this is it. This dress is still a work in progress. It’s currently pinned to the dress form.

Dress in Progress
Copyright 2011, SCMontgomery


You can see on the bottom of the dress there are butterflies (I love butterflies) and flowers (I love flowers too…some of them) and I really did have a fabulous idea for this dress. The idea changed a couple times. One idea had the butterflies delicately floating up the back of the dress…but then I realized that having butterflies up my butt was not a really good idea. It’s not exactly where I want people to focus when they look at me. So I didn’t take the embroidery all the way up the back of the dress as planned.

I also screwed up…big time. I was on my last round of embroidery when I didn’t realize the fabric had gotten caught where it shouldn’t have and I managed to embroider in a way that made a lovely circle encasing the embroidery hoop. Yes, lovely is not really the word that I would use to seriously describe what happened…that’s totally my sarcasm there. I had to take it apart, stitch by stitch. Unfortunately it put a hole in my material that I couldn’t do darning on and fix it, so I had to go back to the store and try to find the same exact fabric I was working with. Thank goodness they still had two yards left so I bought it. I then had to cut the back pieces of the dress out again and start over. No, that was not fun. Each of those flower sections takes twenty-three minutes (plus additional time for thread changes) so it was a long day of fixing something that I had already basically finished. I need to learn darning so maybe once I finish this dress I’ll take a few moments to practice on scrap fabric.

I learned from my mistake, and I have vowed to never make it again. I know, never say never, but if I can help it I will so not be doing that again.  It’s not a total loss. I can cut the bottom off the other fabric and just make a shorter black dress, so I will do that after this project is finished.

What do I have left to do?

Dress in Progress1
Copyright 2011, SCMontgomery

Well, there’s the lining, that I will be working on today, and there’s putting the bodice onto the skirt to make the dress. There’s the neck band, the zipper, the hem…and there is a bow that the pattern calls for, but since I’ve already made alterations to the patteren I thought I might leave the bow off. I don’t know yet. I’ve cut it and it could be pretty, but on the picture it just looks huge…I mean, huge. I have to think about it. But if I decide to do the bow then I have to embroider it because I’d like it to have the same butterflies that I put on the dress…basically, I still have a lot to do even though it kind of feels like I don’t. I’ll update once the dress is finished to show you the finished project. Maybe I’ll get pictures of the other dresses I’ve made and show you those as well. Maybe you all can help me pick which dress I should wear to the symphony. Of course, by the time the show comes around I’ll probably have five more dresses made that I just absolutely adore and want to wear.


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