A Closer Look

It’s Fly on the Wall Sunday and I’m giving you a closer look at one of the sexiest men in the Men of Action series, Thomas McGregor. Thomas is a former Marine, former SWAT team member and now he’s a PI taking on tough cases while following the trail of the traitor who got his team killed in Afghanistan. He keeps serious relationships at a distance, knowing he doesn’t want to take on anything of sustenance until he wraps up his own case. A sexy woman and an intriguing mystery changes all that. Take a closer look at Thena Davis and Thomas McGregor and then pick up your copy on Amazon Kindle or Lulu to get to know this man of action more.

Secrets and Lies, book five in the Men of Action Series


“Would you like to talk about it? It seems to be greatly disturbing you.”

She was never any good at disguising her emotions. Jade, her friend and former hair stylist, had told her she wore her heart on her sleeves; sadly, she did.

“No; it’s not important. It’s just history picking a bad time to haunt me.” It wasn’t important at all, and she really couldn’t think of why she allowed herself to mentally time travel at a time like this…when she needed every measure of strength and focus to try not to look as mortified as she felt.

He put his hand on her shoulder as if she was his kid sister and he was trying to provide some measure of comfort. Startled, she dropped her handbag. Without thinking twice she stooped to pick it up at the same time he had and they bumped heads, hard.


“Sorry;” he continued to reach for her purse as she tried to stand up. She didn’t have her head past the window of her car when the first shot rung out and the window shattered. Thomas grabbed her, pulled her down to his squatted position and pushed her head down.

She was thankful for his actions, but did he have to push her head between his legs. From his squatted position she fit perfectly. Anybody passing by would think she was giving him a blowjob. She tried to move, to change her position to a less risqué one, but he applied more pressure on her head and held her down.

“Stay down,” he barked the order. She tried to tell him to let her up, but he didn’t seem to hear her. Why would he? With her face pressed against him in such a manner she was sure her voice was as muffled to him as it was to her.

She heard him asking for police assistance, which assured her he had managed a phone call because he was giving their location and a detailed assessment of their situation.

She mumbled again and wiggled against him trying to get his attention.

“What did you say?”

He must have looked down when he didn’t understand her words because he released her enough to allow her to move out of their not so delicate position.

“I was saying that you needed to let me up at least a little.” With one big sweep of her hand through her hair she pushed her hair back from her face. Jeeze, the man was dense. Or maybe she was. There was no way her mind should have gone to sexual activity when someone had clearly just taken a shot at her. But how could it not? Her head in his lap, mouth pressed against something considerably hard while her curly hair fell around her face…who could think of anything but sex in a position like that? Well, obviously he could because he had enough presence of mind to call the cops.

Secrets and Lies is out now. Grab your copy today.


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