If I Could Turn Back Time

Is there anything you would do differently if you could turn back time? I know sometimes I think if only I had done this, or if only I had done that. I never used to think that, but as I get older I find I think that more than before. However, that thought is usually followed by, if I could turn back time and change things then what I change things to might take me away from the things I love now. Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes those reasons happen to deal with leading the person where they really should be, where they need to be.

If I had followed my first career goal, the one I have had since I was like five years old, I would be an actress and I would be miserable with the lack of privacy and the stalkerazie. So I guess some higher power knew where the entertainment world would go, and that I really wasn’t the person who would want to go there with it.

So if I could turn back time I’m not sure I would change anything. There is one thing I wouldn’t mind changing, and of course it has to do with a guy…but I probably wouldn’t change that either because if I did I might not be where I am today. Honestly, where I am isn’t really that bad.

If you could turn back time is there anything in your life you would change? If yes, what? If no, why? Come on, share…


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