Fly on the Wall Sunday: Too Hot for a Towel

Secrets and Lies are putting Thena and Thomas is some rather interesting positions. Be the fly on the wall this Sunday and take a look inside the steam room.

Secrets and Lies, book five in the Men of Action Series


She opened her eyes and took in his splendid body. All six foot four inches of him. Solid was an understatement because the man was built like a stone fortress. His hardened abs, his muscular arms, even his thick legs screamed sexy. He wasn’t overtly muscular like Arnold in his early days, but he was more muscular than the type of man she normally went for. In fact, he wasn’t her type at all. She normally went for guys who did PhDs in mathematics, science, astronomy. She didn’t know why. Maybe because they were so far from who she was. Sure, she was a genius when it came to architecture, but math had been her near downfall in every grade. How she managed to design structures with her math skills was beyond her. How she managed to run her fathers…no it was hers now…contracting company was another big question mark. Of course she knew she ran it well because she worked with her father from the time he thought she was old enough to tag along, throughout her college education, and on down to his death. She knew the men respected her because of who she was and what she did. They all knew of her house flipping on the side; she had been doing that since she met Kyle in college. While she had learned many things from her father, she had learned a lot from Kyle; including the ins and outs of installing a new bathroom. He never treated her like a fragile woman and he never offered to do a job that she hadn’t asked for help on. He treated her like one of the guys when they were working and she appreciated that. Her father didn’t handhold her, but there were some things he wouldn’t let her do. Thena on the roof helping the roofers was not something her father allowed. He taught her what he could about working, but was more concerned about teaching her what she needed to know to be a top-notch contractor.

She missed her father. Truth be told if he were still alive she wouldn’t be working in this business. She would still be focusing on her architectural firm. She had always said she would open it in partnership with her father’s company. She could design it and he could make sure it got built. His death changed everything. Now she was doing it all alone, trying to keep his company alive while keeping her dreams from fading away in the process.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

“No,” she stammered. Looking at his mostly naked body had her burning up with heat. The steam wasn’t needed because Thomas McGregor was his own heat source—scorching hot. The way his eyes roved her body made her tremble with desire. Was he feeling what she felt, or was the arousal one sided? One sided, she figured since he had already told her just what he thought about having a relationship with her.

“Good.” He slipped his fingers into the knot in his towel, loosened it and let it fall to the floor. “It’s too hot in here for the towel,” he looked her over hard and unwavering in his gaze, as if he expected her to strip of her towel as well. Her breath caught at the sight of him. Her heart felt as if it would pound its way out of her chest if it could. Good Lord, the man was gorgeous everywhere.

Secrets and Lies is available now on Amazon Kindle and also on Lulu as a PDF or print version. Get your copy today and find out what else is in store for these two.


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