Secrets and Lies

I just can’t sit on this book until the first. I know. I know. The first is just around the corner…almost literally, but I can’t wait that long. So I have decided I will get Secrets and Lies, book five in the Men of Action series, uploaded to Amazon Kindle tonight which means it should be available for purchase by the 26th of this month. And of course I’ll make it available on Lulu later tonight so you can buy your copy early in PDF or print format if you want to. This book is the longest of any of the books in the series. I have to say I developed a little bit of a crush on Thomas McGregor as I was writing his story.

Secrets and Lies, book five in the Men of Action SeriesThomas is a private investigator who is deeply trying to solve his own mystery, but a man has to eat so he’s not about to turn down a case–especially not one that involves a woman as beautiful and enticing as Thena Davis. He wants to fight the temptation, but this sexy woman has a case to die for and beauty worth exploring. Can he resist temptation and keep things business as usual?




“I don’t need a bodyguard in here,” she said with her eyes closed and her head lulled back against the wall. “I’m really not so stupid that I can’t sit down without screwing things up, you know?”

“I never thought you were stupid. As for the bodyguard part…well, I beg to differ.” His voice was low, seductive even. The tone was arousing and disarming at the same time. He was the one who said he wanted to keep things professional. He was the one who assured her there could never be anything more than a business relationship with them. It wasn’t fair for him to arouse her with just one look, one word. He didn’t have the right to make her want him when he had no intentions of ever giving himself, his heart, to her.

Secrets and Lies will be available on Lulu in the Capri Montgomery author spotlight tonight, and on Amazon Kindle in the Kindle storefront in a couple days. And if you don’t have a Kindle but would still like to buy through Amazon they do have a way for you to read Kindle books on your PC, so check it out and then buy your copy of Secrets and Lies.


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