Here Comes Goodbye

How a song can remind me of yet another year ending I’m not sure (especially when it’s not really about the end of the year) but it does. This year is almost over. Wow! Where did the time go? I know we still have a little over two months before 2012 kicks in, but it still feels as if just a few months ago 2011 was starting.

I’m looking forward to changing some things next year…maybe a lot of things. For a woman who isn’t on the “change” bandwagon it probably sounds weird that I’m looking forward to changing anything, but it’s definitely a much needed change. My mother, just the other day, talked me into signing up for a modeling casting call. I haven’t modeled in years and I’m not sure why I filled out the paperwork and submitted it, but I did. So I have to wait to see what comes of that. Probably nothing. I’ve told her I’m too old to model now, but what the heck…it could be fun to get back into it. I could use a little fun in my life right now. Clearly I’m missing this year’s non-birthday birthday trip (I don’t celebrate my birthday but I would like to get away for it this year,which is why I say non-birthday birthday trip). I don’t have anything planned for December, no trips, no fun activities, nothing :(. Oh well, there’s always next year (with hopes…).

What else has been going on this week? So far…working and errands related to visual health and wellness. The last part of that was unproductive. I really hate that I had to see a different doctor this time, but next time I will get to see my new (third time seeing the guy) doctor. I want closure, so I’ll put up with multiple visits to get it if I have to. I think I told you all that the next book in the Men of Action Series is out November 1, 2011, so I have been making sure everything is ready to go for that. I’m working on a series that starts January of 2012, so I’m on book two for that now. Overall, I’m working hard on a lot of things right now, while trying to figure some personal things out as well. Life can be so complicated some times…or maybe it’s just that I have a strange way of making just about anything complicated ;).

I will have the next section in the You Tell Me the Story segment up on Wednesday. Don’t forget to come back so you can vote on what happens next.



  1. Wow, modeling, that might be an interesting job. I think you had mentioned once that you did some modeling in the past. Well, you certainly have the looks for it! Multi-talented only begins to describe you!

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