Art By Any Other Name: He Smiled in Recognition

Continuation of You Tell Me The Story:

My heart was beating so fast I thought I might need a medic. The moment he raised the cover on my portfolio I could tell he knew who it was. He smiled in recognition; the corners of his mouth edging upward and that glint in his eye was a sure sign he knew exactly who my masked angel was. But did anybody else?  I was almost afraid to look around the room to find out, but I had to know.

I looked at their faces, all of them staring at my work and formulating their critique and I didn’t see any hint in their eyes that they knew who my masked angel was. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least I managed some measure of secrecy. Most importantly, the person who I was most worried about finding out didn’t know at all. Score one for my artistic skills I guess.

Well, with the fear and uncertainty of my masked angel being revealed out of the way. It was time for the critique of my work. I always hated this part of class. Why couldn’t I just have an art class without the critique session? Seriously, having the teacher give a letter grade along with his comments on a white sheet of paper attached to my portfolio was enough of a “grow through art” experience for me.

I sat back with an air of relief mixed with anticipation and I thought, ‘let the games begin.’ If I could survive this, then maybe I could muster up the courage I needed to face the knowing professor after class. There’s something about knowing my secret was no longer a secret that just mad me…uneasy…that’s the word I would use. Would Mac laugh in my face about my crush? Or would he give me a break and not mention it at all?

Which scene happens next?

  1. “Seize the Day,” says the professor…
  2. “The Masked Angel looks kind of familiar…”

You tell me which scene you’d like to see next.

Poll now closed. A tie!? Hmm…I’ll have to think about how to work both section in to this next story. Thanks for voting. I’ll have the next section up on Wednesday with a new poll.


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