Change Is Not Always Good

I’ll admit it. I don’t always like change. Sometimes it’s good to have change, and other times…well, not so much. Right now I’m dealing with Lulu and all of their changes. Unfortunately their changes are creating havoc all over the place…and it’s also creating more work for me. When I decided to focus on being an independently published author I had no idea the process would get this complicated. Does that mean that I miss going the mixed traditional route of publishing? No; not at all. I really do like being an Indie-author. Although I can’t say that I’m a big fan of all the changes in technology along the way.

Despite all of the changes and the work that goes into formatting the story for different sites, formatting the cover for different sites, and pretty much banging my head on the computer due to technical issues that I now have to figure out, some good has come of all of it. I’m learning a lot. I mean really learning.

I have learned a lot about covers (mostly due to a graphic design program I took years ago). I still have a lot to learn about covers ;). I have learned a lot about formatting, building books for different upload versions. I have even learned a little more about a program that I have used for years, Microsoft Word.

So while changes are sometimes bad I guess maybe sometimes something good can come out of the change. Sometimes you get to learn something new. Learning is a good thing…I think. So with all the changes to Lulu what have I learned? Well, even though the Lulu changes have tripled my workload I have learned that I really don’t like having to create three different versions of the same cover, and that I really don’t like having to create three different formats for the same book file, and that I really don’t like when the computer freezes up and kicks me out of a program right when I’m almost finished uploading all the changes…but I have also learned that while I really don’t like it, I really can make it work. Most important lesson, being independently employed is rewarding, but hard work. Really hard work actually…but you know, I wouldn’t change a thing about my career as a writer…save one thing I guess–I really wish I knew more about computers. I think that would help so much with the formatting thing.


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