Fly on the Wall Sunday: Dangerous Obsessions

Clair just needs to keep living her life the way she has been since Greg walked out of it ten years ago. She doesn’t want to cower in fear, or watch over her shoulder every five seconds. Greg needs to keep her safe. He needs to make up for abandoning her when she needed him. And he needs to come to terms with his desire and love for her if he has any plans of gaining her trust and love back. Does he have what it takes to succeed? Find out in Dangerous Obsessions.


“Don’t,” he said through gritted teeth, “ever do that again.”

“I was just getting the door.”

“And if it’s Levins on the other side…then what?”

“I doubt he’d ring the doorbell,” she reached her hand out to get the door. He grabbed her wrist, stopping her mid-action.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She was probably turning three shades of red right now, but she couldn’t help it. He was making her angrier by the second.

“Don’t ever usurp my position on your protection again, Clair. If you do, so help me God, I’ll…” his voice trailed off as he looked out the side window. He had his hand on his weapon, the big gun tucked in the waistband of the back of his pants. She was too busy processing the fact that he had just uttered the second non completed threat to her since he’d been there.

Greg didn’t have to complete his sentence. She could tell from the tone in his voice and the look on his face that he was one hundred percent business right now. She didn’t ask what he’d do if she didn’t follow orders because knowing Greg it would probably involve forcibly removing her from her house and putting her some place safer.

“It’s not him.”

“I know.” She said with a hint of annoyance. She had told him she was expecting somebody. She let Kyle in and told him to go on up. She wanted to give Greg a piece of her mind, but Greg didn’t plan on sticking around to hear what she had to say. After he made sure the door was locked he was already on his way up behind Kyle.

She followed behind them. She could set some new boundaries after Kyle left. It would probably be best because the argument she was sure would ensue was going to be loud and hostile. The words, “don’t ever put your hands on me again,” were at the tip of her tongue and she planned to let the jerk hear that first. Then she could move on to how tacky it was to use his badge and authority to get what he wanted, followed by the “don’t ever threaten me again” statement she was itching to make. The jerk!

“What’s going on?” Kyle waved his hand toward Greg, who had permanently attached himself to the wall in the corner. At least he would be out of their way.

“My shadow,” she mumbled before waving dismissingly. “You know about the murder of my sister.” She hadn’t told him; he had done a Google search on her and found out. While she wished he hadn’t done that she couldn’t stop people from reading public information.


“Well the guy broke out of prison, and the agent over there just wants to make sure I’m safe.”

“God, Clair. I’m so sorry. Do you want me to stay over?”

“No,” Greg answered before she could. She was going to say no anyway, but now she was thinking maybe she’d say yes just because he said no. This was her house and he was being a jerk—a really big jerk. God, she was so angry with him right now she could barely concentrate on dancing. She was currently using all her strength to keep from turning around and telling him what she thought of him, asking him the question that had been on her mind for the last ten years, and basically kicking his ass out of her house. Not that she thought he would go, because he wouldn’t, and if she really thought about it she shouldn’t want him to. Greg wouldn’t let Levins kill her, she may not have trusted him with anything else, but she trusted him with that; she trusted him with her life.

“It’s crowded here already. You see his shadow is downstairs.”

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