Friday Dish: Returning Sheba

What’s going on this week? Well, Returning Sheba is out today on lulu and Amazon Kindle. This one is a short story with time travel, adventure and romance. You can buy your copy now by going to or get Returning Sheba in my lulu storefront.


Alexandra Dupree never expected her walk to work to turn up three sexy men claiming to be from the future. What’s more baffling is that they assure her she belongs in their time and that they have been sent to bring her back. As a psychologist she recognizes they need help. As the object of their delusional obsession, she’s ready to run for her life. When Sebastian abducts her from an upscale New York street in broad daylight the chase is on. Can a woman who grew up going from one foster home to the next finally find the place where she belongs? Or will three crazy men cost her her life?

What else have I been doing this week? It’s been a busy week with non writing related projects, but I have managed to get some writing in as well. I’m going to have to spend the weekend catching up on some book projects, so it looks as if I’m going to be busy working this weekend. I’m also sewing another dress. I know I just finished one, but I just can’t seem to stop sewing and knitting…it’s fun and relaxing…well, the knitting part is at least. Sewing is still something I’m finally learning so there are times when it’s  more frustrating than relaxing. Don’t feel sorry for me; feel sorry for my mother ;). She’s the one who has to help me work through those frustrating moments. She’s great…she really is.

Don’t forget to checkout Returning Sheba on Amazon or lulu. I’m really excited about this one. It’s short, but it’s fun, and it’s also kicking off the Adventures Through Time series.

That’s all for this week’s dish.


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