Friday’s Dish: Covers and Writing

Welcome to this Friday’s Dish. This week has been crazy busy with writing projects, cover designing and life in general.

By way of cover designing, I spent a few days playing around and trying to increase my skill set. As most people know, I don’t have PS, which is probably a good thing given the fact that there is still so much I don’t understand about the program I do have. I finally just figured out how to create a mask, although I’m not really sure what to do with it ;). Oh well…with practice right…I actually use to use this program for something else, so even though I have been playing around with book covers for years now; I’m really just getting to a point where I’m trying to learn new things with the program. An instruction manual for the photo aspects would help :). I spent some time playing around with cover options for an upcoming series this week and I’m happy with the results.

Speaking of writing…I finished Fahrenheit this week. Fahrenheit is book six in the Men of Action series. Book five is going to be out soon. With Fahrenheit I still have a lot left to do. I tend to edit as I go when writing the first draft, but now I need to do the basic spell check and grammar check. After that I’ll do a line by line edit. As most of you already know, spell check should not be the final go at edits. After I finish the line by line edits I’ll take a week in between doing another line by line. Then my beta editor gets it, and then I get it back with any changes that need to be made, and then I’ll do one more round of line by line edits and I’ll call it a day. Two months from now I’ll probably end up reading through the book and notice another error. I hate when that happens…but I’ve learned to live with it once the book is out there. Nobody is perfect and if I only have a few errors out of eighty thousand words…well, I’ll take it. I won’t like it, but I’ll live with it. It’s still a 99.99999% accuracy rate and that’s not really all that bad.

Also this week, I have been getting ready for next week’s release of Returning Sheba. I like the cover, like the story and am very much excited about this short story’s release. You can read an excerpt of Returning Sheba right here on my blog.

This week I have also been working on a mini series I’m starting the New Year off with. It will run monthly along with other book releases. The Men of Action series is still going, and will be well into next year. There is also a new series where you’ll meet two powerful families. A lot of new books are on the horizon and I hope you’ll all enjoy each of them. I’ll tell you more about the mini series and the new series later this year. And of course, Secrets and Lies, book five of the Men of Action series, will be out soon, so I’ll tell you more about that book and the release date soon.

]Don’t forget to keep up with the blog here, and please participate in the “You Tell Me the Story” blogs that are posted on Wednesday’s. Voting is still open on this Wednesday’s post until the end of today.

That’s all for this dish. See you next week, same time—same place.


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