Wednesday: You Tell Me the Story

If you’re visiting me from my OS blog then you already know that on certain days I have certain blogs. For example on Friday there’s Friday’s Dish in which I cover events of the week…mostly what I’ve been up to with writing or art. On Thursdays I tend to answer questions from readers. So if you have questions send them in and I’ll answer the ones I can in the Thursday section. Saturdays were for Grow with Words…this was kind of the word of the day segment. Sundays are Fly on the Wall Sundays where I give you another look into various sections of Capri Montgomery books. I’m adding a section that I hope you all will participate in.

On Wednesdays I would like to add a “You Tell Me the Story” section. Now I tried this before on an old blog and it didn’t catch on very well. I hope with WordPress, the fact that you don’t have to have an account here to cast a vote, will help this idea take off. I like this idea. It has the ability to be a lot of fun, but it will only work if you play along. So join me and let’s see where we can take this. (First section below the instructions…keep reading :).)

Here’s how it works. On Wednesdays I will post part of a short story, about one or two paragraphs. At the end of the story I will give you two options on where the story can go next. For example… pick option (a) for this to happen. Pick option (b) for that to happen…voting will stay open until Midnight Friday. Don’t worry, if you get your vote in before I check the blog on Saturday morning I’ll count it…but keep in mind that I’m up before dawn every morning so that’s not a whole lot of wiggle room.

What happens after you, the reader, decide between option (a) or (b) is that I will then write another segment of the story based on the answer most of you picked. Each new section will be posted on Wednesday and each new section will have (at the end of the story) two more options for you to decide what happens next. (Or vote by the poll at the bottom of the post.)

See…that’s the fun part of the storytelling process. You get to decide where the characters go, and what happens. I hope you’ll play along. I’m going to post the first section of the story today, that way you can get an idea of how it works. You can vote for the way the story should continue and we’ll go from there. So, scroll down and read the story, read the options for how the story can continue, and cast your vote. I don’t have either of these sections already written out with the idea that the vote will go one way or the other. So, as you tell me what you think should happen next, I’ll write it.

Here we go: You Tell Me the Story ~ Art by Any Other Name

My name is Cassia; Cassia Brighton, and this year, as my New Year’s Resolution I decided I would actually take some art classes. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I signed up for a class at the local community college, and just my luck, the professor was obsessed with peer reviews.

I was so nervous I could literally feel my blood pressure rising. I hated critique day. I was surrounded by the young, twenty-something year old students…okay so there were only six of us in the class, myself included, and that may not make for surrounded capabilities, but on critique day it felt like it. They had all probably been artists since the day they were born, but I, I was the amateur. I did art because I loved it. Unfortunately my skills and experience paled in comparison to my fellow classmates. Thank God for my day job because there was no way I’d ever make a dime as an artist. I wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t great either.

I watched as Professor Taylor sat my sketch pad on the easel. I knew it would only be seconds before he opened the cover for the class critique. He placed his fingers on the cover, and right as he opened it…

a.)    My chair broke

b.)    The power went out

Okay you all, tell me where to go next :).


Poll now closed. Thanks to those of you who voted. The winning selection ws “My chair broke.” I’ll have the next section up Wednesday.


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