Fly on the Wall Sunday: Guarding Angel

Guarding Angel

When one of her now deceased ex-husband’s legal cases come full circle to haunt her she’s going to have to trust him to keep her safe. But trust isn’t easy when the man guarding her is the very man who broke her heart in the first place.

Can she forgive him? Or will memories from the past complicate the present and cause both of their demise?

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover upload            Excerpt:

“You might be harboring some adolescent grudge toward me but I have a job to do here. I will do my job whether you like it or not,” he glared at her. “I will keep you alive. Stop being a child and woman up,” he snapped as he leaned in closer to her. She felt her anger rising. “Impulsive and apparently not smart enough to let things go. It’s been well over a decade, Angel; let it go. Maybe if you had done that you could have saved your marriage—”

She heard the hard smack against his face before she realized her hand had been the thing that caused it. Her hand cupped her mouth as she gasped and her eyes widened. She hadn’t meant to do that. She had never done that to anybody before. “I…oh my God. I didn’t mean to do that.” But was she sorry she had? No. She had wanted to do that the moment he broke her heart. That slap was seventeen years late. The anger in his eyes had her stomach boiling with fear. She didn’t know this man. She knew him when they were young and she was deeply in love with him, but a lot had changed for both of them over the years and she didn’t know him now.

“This will be the last time you hit me, Angel.” The ferocity in his voice told her the silent message behind his words. Do it again and she would be sorry—very sorry. Those were the words the look in his eyes screamed to her.

He pushed off the couch and stalked toward the front door. “I’m going to do my rounds. Be smart enough not to open the front door for any reason.”

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Emotional Health

I have been talking about fitness and living a healthy life this week. Let’s face it; people can talk about being healthy, eating healthy, working out, and overall being fit forever and some people still won’t hear it. Some people get upset because other people talk about it. Sometimes trying to help people gets exhausting. So what’s the next step into healthy living? Emotional and mental health.

Being emotionally healthy is important. Having soundness of mind, heart and body goes a fabulously wonderful way in living a healthy life.

I always say that everybody has a breaking point because they do. Some of us never reach that breaking point while others reach it and fall over the edge. So part of living a healthy life is to remember to check in with yourself. How are you doing emotionally? What is going on in your world to either bring you down or help lift you up?

For some people friends can be a major downer. Sometimes it’s a death in the family or of a friend. Sometimes it’s reading the news. Sometimes it’s life circumstances. Some of these things are not quick and easy fixes. Sometimes you have to find what helps you reconnect with the you that was happy once upon a time. Maybe it’s a hot shower or soaking in a bath. Maybe it’s a workout. Maybe it’s observing nature, reading a book, sewing a dress, knitting a scarf, petting your dog or cat, building something, arts and crafts or music. It could be anything (legal). Once you find it, remember when you’re down to try it because maybe it will help pick you back up.

There is a lot to healthy living. While you’re thinking of getting your physical form together, don’t forget to pay attention to your mental and emotional being as well.

All that being said, I need to take a break for me. I’ll schedule the Fly on the Wall Sunday post for those of you who actually like reading my books but I need to take a few days off from Cyberspace. I’ll try to be back Wednesday, but if not I’ll see you all either later next week, or week after.

Friday Dish: Fitness Goodies

This week I talked about fitness and today I’m closing off the week with some fitness exercise videos I have found throughout the course of the week and some that I already have tried. I also like the TIU tips on ways to help you slim down. I don’t have their nutrition program, but sometimes they share tips so I’m sharing the link and you can see what works for you.

I’ll make it a little easier if you’re on their site you can go under the Fitness tab to find freebie workouts and sometimes recipes.

I’ll admit that since I like to research my own nutrition information I stayed away from getting the membership. Plus I’m not trying to lose weight so money saved can be spent on bills. Yeah…bills. But you know what’s best for you, so have a look, take something useful from it and move onward.

This is something I found recently. She has both fitness and nutrition so check her site out:

Here are some YouTube workout and toning Exercises that maybe you might find useful for you and your fitness goals:



Fitness Blender:

Black Women Do Workout Ab Challenge:

30 Day Shred (I think this one is legally up there):

Workout Right For Your Booty Type:

That last one has tips and is not really a full routine, but could be useful.

Now, I have to go. I’m fighting aliens this week and my characters would very much like to get out of whatever predicament I left them in when I stopped fighting aliens about a month ago to work on capturing my very sex older man cello instructor. Um…you guys do know I’m still talking in the fiction world here right ;)? Although I wouldn’t mind my very own very sexy older man cello instructor in the real world ;).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.

Oh What A Morning

Hi. You guys probably thought I forgot about my fitness post for today huh? I didn’t. I remembered that I hadn’t scheduled a post last night, but I was so nicely situated in bed that I decided not to get back up to work some more.

This morning was busy trying to get dinner started…slow cooking meal, but it might be good. Then I went for a longer walk with my mom, came back, and while wondering where I put my yoga video (which I realized was right over on the bench) I found my older Pilates video and decided to do that. About mid first workout I realized the yoga video was just over yonder. Oh well. Mixing it up is a good thing.

Clair, from Dangerous Obsessions, and I have a lot in common when it comes to working out. I am always interested in fun workouts that can get me moving and help keep me in shape. I do a lot of research on fitness and nutrition. In fact, I have loads of goodies to share tomorrow.

But for today here is the video of my choice of workout for this morning. I’m just going to say it now; “tomorrow I think a lot of muscles are not going to be forgiving me.” :) I forgot just how much this works me hard. Oh yeah, I felt it…I felt a lot.


I like that each workout is 10 minutes so if you don’t have a lot of time you can still fit it in. You can also create your own workout by picking which ones you want to play as you finish one. I did three of them today so that’s 30-Minutes. I have another 10 Minute one for Tighten & Tone. I don’t remember liking that one as much, but I haven’t done it in a while. And of course, just because I prefer Slim & Sculpt over the Tighten & Tone doesn’t mean you won’t love them both. I’m sorry that I couldn’t find a link to where you could buy it, but I did get mine at WalMart for like $9 a while ago and I know they tend to have quite a few workout videos at WalMarts that I have been in so maybe you can still find it there.

Come back tomorrow. I’ve done research and I have goodies to share :).


Wednesdays with the Arts: Training Wheels Off


You might love to help people but they have to help themselves too. They have to be willing to put in the work. One must make healthy living decisions for themselves. They have to do it because they want to do it if they plan to stick with it. As a friend or anything else you can’t pull the weight for them. You can’t be the only person doing the work to help keep them on track. At some point you have to pull the training wheels off and let them ride on their own.

While you are helping your friends do remember not to lose track of yourself and your goals.

The picture above is of yesterday’s lunch and dinner. I roasted the veggies, (sweet onion, green & yellow bell pepper, garlic, celery and carrots) sautéed the spinach and kale, grilled the shrimp and then mixed them all in the skillet so I could distribute them in the multigrain pita easier than trying to mix them separately. I used about a tablespoon of extra virgin organic olive oil and herbs instead of salt. Healthy and quite delicious too.

Don’t forget while you’re plotting for healthy eating to get a little physical too. Here’s a good yoga exercise to get you moving and help slim the waist.

Slim Waist Yoga Exercise

Tuesday: Fitness and YouTube

Last month I did a month of writing related posts and for the rest of this month I hope to do fitness related posts. Maybe I’ll add a little nutrition but I might want to talk about that next month.

You don’t need a gym membership to work on getting in shape. I hear so many people complain about not having the money for the gym and using that as their excuse not to even try to get fit and healthy. You don’t need the gym. There are plenty of other options. There are DVD’s, hand weights, and for free (well, other than the cost of having the Internet) you can always scope out YouTube.

I have a tendency to look online at things related to health. Either I’m looking up recipes that are healthy and could be fun to try, dissect, and change a lot, or I’m looking at workout routines that I might want to adapt, or modify to fit my body needs.

In the process of playing online and thinking about writing for one of my upcoming fashion stories, I found Scola Dondo’s YouTube page. I like the name Scola and I am sure I will use it for one of my leading ladies one day.

At any rate, she is rather motivating. She is still young and very much into health and fitness. She wasn’t always that way, but I believe in one of her videos she said she started losing weight at 14 years old. She lost a lot of weight, but she also did it the healthy way. You can check out her page to find recipes, workout tips, and motivation.

Fitness health and weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it definitely won’t happen if you don’t ever get started.