Monday Musings: On Track Fitness

IMG_0288Finally, my Nutrition class has gotten to something I’m extremely interested in—fitness. Anybody who truly knows me already knows I love fitness and working out. I love healthy eating too so this class is interesting for me, but the fitness part is what I was very much waiting on to start. In week six, they finally got to it.


Thus far I have learned that children and adolescents should do 60 minutes a day of either moderate-intensity aerobic activity or vigorous-intensity activity. It is also recommended that children do at least 3 days a week of muscle and bone strengthening activity. (


2.5 hours of moderate activity a week is the minimum recommendation. Basically 2.5 hours is averaging out to about 30 minutes five days a week for those with limited time. Also recommended 2-3 times of training muscles (each muscle group) with weights or with strength building activities.

Since I don’t have kids, don’t work with kids, and am not in charge of helping kids get fit and in shape I focus on me because I’m an adult. My mother had asked me for my help, but as I tell her, you have to want it to make it happen. I can drag her out the house, I can do the research for her, but if she doesn’t put in the work it’s not going to happen. I can’t keep in her shape for her.

What I like about this week’s video lessons for class is the focus on how physical activity helps improve the overall body function and health.

I did a shorter workout this morning with cardio plus minor ab toning exercises, but the great thing about life is that we all have 24-hours in any given day, so what I make of those 24-hours is up to me. While I love to kick the morning off with a workout, I can also take a lunch break to get in extra physical activity. Even when I had a day job away from home I still took my lunch break to eat and then go walking. Now, working from home I might not have the mid-day longer break but I still, at the end of the day, when the computer goes off and my work is done for the day, I can still do yoga before bed.

After watching the videos this morning I’m thinking when I get my mother back home from her appointment I should pull out the sports bra and workout again. More cardio and flexibility focused yoga moves are definitely on my mind right now. There are 24-Hours in a day and it’s not going to hurt me to take one more of those 24-hours to get the kind of workout I typically like to kick the week off with.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Tá sé orm

orm. = He is on me.

Um…I think it’s because I’m a writer within the romance genre but my first words were “um…oookayyy.?” And that was in one of those OMG, seriously kind of tones. Really, “He is on me” just kind of brought up a completely different image in my head. I’m still not sure where I would use this sentence in my usual conversation but I could probably figure it out if I get my mind out the romance writing gutter long enough to do it ;).

So what else is going on inside this writer’s Fly on the Wall look? Other than language studies, I’m still knitting…slowly but surely I will finish this project—with hopes by my deadline. Edits for Code of Honor are ongoing still, and I have another sewing project to finish but I am not planning to get on it until later this week. There are errands to be run and business to be taken care of so it’s going to be another busy week.

If you’ve read Pattern for Murder then you know the next guy in the three men Russian Connection group is up for his story in Pegasus. Tabby is my ultra artsy makeup extraordinaire with curves that make Aleksei take notice at first sight—plus she’s pretty and really a hard catch for the man who has never had trouble getting a woman to say yes to his pursuit. Could Tabby be the woman to bring him to his knees? Can he keep her alive long enough to find out?

Pegasus is up for pre-order on Amazon. It will be available next month so pre-order now and get it on release day delivered to your Kindle device.

Friday Dish: On My Way

I know it’s not the same time, but it is the same place. I have been busy learning, planning, plotting, but not editing. No…this week has been crazy busy and while I have done some editing I didn’t do nearly as much as I planned to do.

All of that being said, I so love learning what I’m learning. Of course thus far I really only recognize my learning status when I’m working on a lesson because I can interpret and translate just fine…well, mostly. If that pesky English language would stop mucking it up I could stop forgetting that the word means something completely different in the language I’m studying ;). But I do have to say that morning workouts are fun when I just start speaking the words I know. Somehow I always end up asking for the menu and water; of course that is so much better than remembering how to say I’m a boy while helping my mother with her French studies.

I’m being interviewed in a couple weeks, less than a couple weeks actually—week after next. I’m slated to be anyway so it’s just a matter of organizing and getting ready for it. I had to sign up for Google+. I really don’t know how to use it, but I’ll hang out for a little while since I have this and I found something on there that I decided to follow when I actually have time to follow it.

Other than learning and trying to edit Code of Honor, I received good news this afternoon about the music school. They still don’t have a cello teacher but they say they will have one by December so I should be good to go. I’ll have to talk to whatever teacher they hire beforehand, but I’m excited. I think it can really happen this time and who knows what other good things might happen soon. Oh, and I have officially found a hotel room for the IRR Expo I will attend next year. Now, I am just on the task of getting everything else in order for the event. It is not a small challenge, but I’m working on it.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time ;), same place.

Wednesdays with the Arts: Decision Making

I really do love this version of Why Do We Fall. I love the song in general, and the thought behind the composition. Why Do We Fall, to me, is inspiration in music. I can visualize the ascent so whether I’m trying to hold a longer plank, walk an extra mile, or push myself through a difficult situation, it’s inspiring to keep going and to visualize a successful climb no matter the depth I have to ascend from.

This week has been one of those weeks where I have had to restructure some of my to-accomplish list and make some decisions on my language pursuits. I’m most captivated with Irish so I’m going to put all of my attention into that language. Italian just really isn’t grabbing my attention right now so I’m pushing it back a few notches and going full speed ahead with my Irish pursuit. Oh and that class I thought started next month—it started Monday.

Writing Journey

I am on editing duty. I will get back to working on the final book in the Special Ops Witness Protection segment later this week. If you read Guarding Angel then you know Rhys is definitely a man in need of a story. He gets his story told in Code of Honor—his book is in edits right now.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover upload

Monday Musings: To Learn is to Live

Is bean mé.

Sometimes I think I am most productive when my schedule is fully loaded and I’m focused on learning and accomplishing my task(s). Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break. That knitting project will be there tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I will. So I took most of yesterday afternoon off to spend time with my mother. She has a thing for hidden object games while I tend to go for time management games. Perhaps it is because she likes slower and more peaceful and I apparently like stressing myself out trying to beat the clock.

Am I trying to beat death’s clock? Maybe. I want to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can do while I am still here on this strange planet called Earth. So in case you haven’t figured it out from my Is bean mé at the start of this blog, I am attempting to learn another language (two actually). I have not mastered the art of making accents on the computer so that makes it a little difficult to get it written perfectly (or close to it), but I wrote that “I am a woman,” in Irish. Yeah, I have wanted to learn the language for a long time but I couldn’t find anything to help me do it until recently. So Irish is one language, and I picked Italian too. I really wanted to finish ASL, but I can’t find that locally and I’m not sure if I could really find a good program online for it so I went with the language I really wanted to learn–Irish, and the language that seems like a smarter option for now–Italian. I love opera and most of it is in Italian for what I have so maybe I’ll be able to stop reading the English and understand the words in Italian one day.

The Irish course is still in beta so I am hoping it goes all the way through to completion and doesn’t cut off after a small amount of lessons. It seems promising thus far. I am only starting lesson two today. But I’m helping my mother with French (which I have taken before but never fully learned) so I guess I’m kind of studying three languages, but only two seriously.

I really should have gone for Japanese as I had attempted that before. With my ultimate relocation goals learning Japanese would be the best option as I will need to speak it for where I want to go. My theory is, start where I’m staring and once I get that then I will sign up for Japanese.

In addition to learning languages I am also still doing the online free classes I mentioned before in nutrition and the ones in music and business start next month. And if all goes according to plan I shall be officially enrolled in music school by the end of the year. What’s the hold up on that music school thing? They don’t have an instructor who teaches cello yet, but they are working on hiring one.

Will learning Irish make its way into my writing? Well, do you remember those Irish men we met at the start of the Russian Connection series? I’m thinking those three handsome brothers should have a story one day. What do you think?

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Pegasus at Last

I told you all Friday that I wanted to get Pegasus up for pre-order by the end of this month and I have done it. Yay! Formatting plus that final round of checking for things I needed to fix concluded and all that was left was structuring the pre-order details on Amazon. Now that all of that is done you can pre-order Pegasus now. It releases officially November 11, 2014. And if you haven’t read the first book yet you can find Pattern for Murder on Amazon and B&N as well.

Pegasus-webPegasus blurb:

“I protect what needs to be protected,” he snarled. “In any way that I need to do it.”

Aleksei Valevach doesn’t mince words, nor does he try to veil the facts. When Tabitha James excuses him of spying on her it doesn’t shake Aleksei in the least. There’s somebody after his woman and he would rot in hell before he would let whoever was after her harm one centimeter of her body. Can the woman of his heart embrace the protector within him? Or will a strong willed vivacious beauty fight him tooth and nail while putting herself at the entry to hell’s gate? Find out in the second book from the Russian Connection series—Pegasus.

Short Excerpt:

“My age doesn’t define me, Tabby.”

She shook her head no. “I know that. But you’re established and stable and I’m still finding ground. Wouldn’t you rather be with a woman who has everything in order already?”

He chuckled softly. “If that’s what I wanted I wouldn’t have trouble finding it. I want you. So if age isn’t an issue for you then I don’t see why we can’t move this into something more than business, more than friends. Because I can tell you age doesn’t mean anything to me when it comes to you, Tabby. We’re both legal adults. We’re both capable of making adult decisions. So what’s yours?”

~ A question that needs a definite answer is what Aleksei has given Tabby. He knows this is the woman he wants and he’s not going to wait any longer for her to realize they are made for each other. Will Tabby let him into her heart completely? Pegasus is available now for pre-order on Amazon.