Friday Dish: Last and Final

It’s the last Friday of the month so what am I Dishing about this time? Books of course.

Those of you reading the Special Ops series know we are still in the Witness Protection segment. I have actually finished book three in near second draft form, but it will go through more edits from my end. I have also gotten a completely different story in mind for the final book of the segment so I started penning it (yes, on paper) and I think maybe I will write it, put it through edits and maybe combine the two books for the final release in the segment. I am not sure yet as it depends on if/when I get it done. I don’t want to hold the other book up too long waiting on this one to be ready.

Overall, August, for me, has been a mixed kind of month—the kind that opens eyes, closes doors, and causes one to think a lot. With September not too far away the only thing I know with certainty is that if the world is still here then another season will change, and if I am still alive I will kiss summer goodbye and welcome Autumn, fall to some.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.

Cello Diaries: August Closing

Another month is getting ready to fade away and I am still practicing cello. For the most part I am moderately happy more days than not with my progress. Baby steps…I have to remember to acknowledge those sometimes.

Basically I’m still working on the same things I’m always working on and there isn’t really much new to share with that, but I did find this really amazing music the other day so I thought I would share it here.

I heard this one first: It is Epic Viking Battle Music titled To Valhalla.

Here’s more ~ titled: The Last Chronicle by Antti Martikainen

He has links to where his music can be purchased so if you like it you can go and explore more of his music as well as buy some of it.

I know this is a shorter Cello Diaries this month, but maybe next month I’ll have something different to share…maybe, but I’m not holding my breath on that ;).

Wednesdays with the Arts: Motivational Love Your Body

I was going to talk about something writing related today, but then I saw this video and thought in all the fitness videos I have shared this one on Accepting Your Shape is worth sharing. No, it’s not saying don’t get and stay healthy, it’s simply pointing out that not all humans have the same body shape.

I don’t know what my shape would be considered. I think a lot of that is because I never cared. Growing up there wasn’t this focus on “oh you’re hourglass, or pear, or apple.” People were just people. Working out was just fun for me. Way back when I first started working out I had no idea what good it was doing for my body; I was just having fun. Even after I realized I was working out I don’t think I fully understood how great it was for my body. I knew a little, but I was still having fun and not over analyzing it…shocker, I know. I analyze everything ;).

Fast forward to kickboxing aerobics in college; the teacher I had really focused on how physically good working out was for the body, and on what muscles we were using and toning. It was that year when I got the “you’ve lost weight,” shocked type expression. No, I might have lost like five pounds max but really I was just toning up areas. I wasn’t overweight at any point in my life so I guess the bamboozled shocked proclamation from another woman had me looking at my body and wondering if I missed something all those times I was looking in the mirror to make sure clothes were as they were supposed to be—no skirt stuck in pantyhose type thing that is.

Fast forward to today and I realize I am a lot more in tune with my body, what workouts are good for it, what workouts change the look in ways I might not want it too, and how healthy I am living my life with fitness and nutrition.

Tips I have heard for being more confident in one’s body:

Sleep Naked ~ Um…not for me. I have this thing about thinking there could be a fire in the middle of the night and then I’ll die trying to put on clothes because I am Not leaving the house naked. But hey, this might be fine for others so if you want to try it then have at it.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others ~ I wholeheartedly agree on this one. Each body is different; no two are the same, so why try to base your beauty off somebody else’s body?

Do the Best that You Can ~ I think this kind of goes with the previous one a bit. When working out don’t think just because the woman on the other treadmill can run like the Devil is chasing her and you’re still walking at what may seem a moderately slow pace, that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. It is good, so embrace it and do the best that you can.

Well, this post is getting too long so maybe some other time I’ll discuss this more.

Monday Musings: All About Health

Hey. I know I’m a lot later today than usual, but I have been busy today. It has been a morning of working out for me. I did Tara Stiles yoga routines. I picked a few different ones that came up to about twenty minutes of yoga. I went walking with my mom using the poles that we both walk with. It was a shoe destroying walk, which meant I needed new sneakers that I hadn’t planned to have to buy. Stupid shoes. They weren’t even that old.

After lunch and cello practice I did Scola Dondo’s Azonto dance workout, followed by some in room jogging for about 25 minutes. (I know I am trying not to do the jogging thing because it’s not good for my leg, but I just couldn’t resist.) I followed jogging with more yoga. I did a healthy joints yoga routine but followed that with the Full Body routine.

I had fun. And while having fun and jogging in my room I came across another health video some of you might find useful.

Eating Healthy with Unhealthy Friends

These are good tips. I have always eaten before going out because I am allergic to things, and I’m a picky eater so at least I know if I eat before I leave I will have food in my stomach and won’t sit starving because friends picked a place where I can’t eat. I’m also (not a full vegan) but more vegetarian than not, so eating at home is great because I get what I can eat, plus I know what has gone into it since I cooked it.

Another health tip I hear often is don’t look at it as a diet, but a lifestyle change. I agree on this one. If you’re going to do healthy eating don’t look at it as just being for a few weeks or a month or whatever, try making it a lifestyle change and keeping it long term.

Healthy Hair Tips: They are both so pretty, and I really like her necklace.

So that’s it for today. We’re in the last week of the month so Cello Diaries should be here on Thursday but everything else should be same as usual.

Fly on the Wall Sunday: Good Guys with Edge

I know Fly on the Wall Sunday has been taking on a look at other things within my life as a career writer, but today I’m giving a look at an upcoming 3-book series I’m rather excited about. The men are dangerously sexy. The women are up and coming. The danger is just over the pathway and this tight knit Russian Connection of men will have to band together to ensure survival.

Pattern for Murder ~ First Look

“Good guys with edge—yeah right.” Bailee-Jayde has had some ups and downs in her life. Losing her mother when she was a young girl and being brought up in a cult that programmed women to do things most sane women would never find acceptable had haunted her until she was able to break free. While she lost everything and everybody who had been her friends as she grew up, and her father won’t even speak to her, she’s doing just fine making a life for herself. They couldn’t break her, but little did she know the ultimate attack is hovering over her like a dark cloud filled with carnivorous locusts waiting to feast on her soul.

When she meets Gavriil Zeldes and his Russian friends her fear meter etches up. “Good guys with edge,” is what Julia McGentry had called them. She wasn’t so sure about the good guys part when these tattooed, nicely sculpted, big and dangerous men, infiltrate her home multiple times a week. Their Russian chatter sets her nerves on greater edge and the only thing she can do is try to ignore them. They’re not there for her. She just has to keep working on her designs and getting ready for the biggest event of her budding career. But what she doesn’t know is that the men keep turning up because one of these sexy Russian-American business men is very much interested in her.

When her past comes back to stalk her it’s these “good guys with edge” that she’s going to have to depend on. When nobody else can keep her safe can Gavriil protect the woman of his heart while claiming her as his mate? Or will a lethal cult mandate take her to the grave like it took her mother there over a decade ago?

Pattern for Murder ~ Book 1 in the Russian Connection series.

This one is coming in September I believe.

Friday Dish: Protect Me

I believe sometimes my characters seek protection. Sometimes they guard themselves because they know nobody will ever really care enough to protect them without wanting something in return. But in their journey sometimes they find that person, the one who wants nothing more than to keep them safe and to love them. There are no strings attached. Unconditional love—I’m not really sure that’s a reality, but in the world of fiction it surely is fun to explore.

I like fiction. In fiction I can go anywhere, be anything, and explore uncharted waters and fantastical creatures unknown to mankind. There are so many possibilities in the fictional realm. You can be the dragon or the dragon slayer, the beast or the warrior king. Anything is possible in fictional worlds. You just have to fall down the hole and explore, slowly climbing your way back out into the realm of reality where everything isn’t possible and nothing is ever quite so magical.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.